First Year Experience


The mission of First Year Experience (FYE) is to provide quality programming, support services, and resources to facilitate a seamless transition for first-year students. Through specifically-designed events and communication, FYE promotes student development, persistence, and academic success.



New Student Orientation

The First Year Experience Office plans and coordinates campus and online mandatory New Student Orientation (NSO) before each Fall, Spring, and Summer term. The purpose of NSO is to foster student success, establish social and academic connections, introduce college resources, and engage students in the San Jacinto College culture in a fun, supportive environment. New Student Orientation sessions include an opportunity for incoming students to ask questions, tour the campus, and meet faculty, staff, and students. Students are required to register for New Student Orientation through SOS prior to attending a session. Limited space is available at each session.

Calling Campaign

The FYE Office facilitates the FYE Calling Campaign. Student peers contact first-time in college students at strategic time periods during the semester to relay critical information to promote their success at the college.


See what our students are saying...

"I called this student whose name I still remember, she was so thankful to have received the call. I really appreciate the time you take to call me, and also the helpful advice I received from the counselors.  Now, I find myself more motivated and more aware of what I can accomplish at San Jac," she said.

"Just today I talked to a woman who had many questions about her degree. I informed her of what I knew and mentioned she can go to Educational Planning and Counseling to get more information on her questions. She was also considering changing majors and I gave her information on where to find the degree plans and job opportunities for a better look at what she can do with that degree/ certificate program. Although it did take quite a while to get through that phone call, the student was very appreciative that I took the time out to try to answer her questions."



Central Campus: January 2015

North Campus: December 2014

South Campus: January 2015