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Vendor Information


How do I get on the San Jacinto College (SJC) vendor list?

To be placed on the vendor list for products and services purchased by San Jacinto

College, send an e-mail to the applicable Buyer.  Include the company name,

representative name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and the type of goods or

services provided. The San Jacinto College New Vendor Packet can be found in the Forms

section on this page.


What are some factors considered in the purchasing decision?

  • Purchase price
  • Reputation of the vendor and of the vendor’s goods or services
  • Quality of the vendor's goods or services
  • Extent to which goods or services meet needs of SJC
  • Vendor's past relationship with SJC
  • Total long-term cost to SJC to acquire vendor’s goods or services
  • The completeness, accuracy and relevancy of the vendor’s response to the solicitation and any other factor relevant to items that are specifically listed in the solicitation


How do I find out what projects are available for bidding?

Notices of solicitations are published as legal advertisements in the Houston Chronicle.

Solicitations are posted on the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) and Onvia DemandStar websites.

A link to the ESBD website is located in the Bidding Opportunities section of the San

Jacinto College Contracts and Purchasing website. 


On-Site Contractor Identification Requirements

All contractors, subcontractors or company representatives performing work at any college property or facility shall wear a clearly visible name tag, badge, embroidered or labelled uniform shirt, or other personal or company identification at all times. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in removal from the campus until corrected.



For more FAQs, please see the Purchasing FAQs section of our website.


Randi Faust, CPPB
Purchasing Manager
Phone: 281-998-6106
Commodities: Construction, Professional Services, Special Projects
Genevieve Freeman-Scholes, CPPB
Senior Buyer
Phone: 281-998-6349
Commodities: Food, Financial Services, IT, Temporary Staffing, Utilities
Angela Klaus
Phone: 281-998-6327
Commodities: Athletics, Cosmetology, Furniture, Library, Maintenance, Moving, Nondestructive Testing, Vehicles, Welding
Charity Simpson
Phone: 281-998-6328
Commodities: Clothing, Medical, Office Supplies, Printing, Promotional Items, Science, Travel 

Click here for a complete list of commodities.

Invoices and Payments

  1. Seller shall submit separate invoices, in duplicate, on each purchase order after each delivery. Invoices shall indicate the purchase order number. Invoices shall be itemized and transportation charges, if any, shall be listed separately. A copy of the bill of lading, and the freight waybill when applicable, should be attached to the invoice. Mail above documentation to Accounts Payable, 4620 Fairmont Parkway, Suite A2.213, Pasadena, TX, 77504. Payment shall not be due until the above instruments are submitted after delivery. Vendor shall keep the Accounts Payable Department advised of any changes in remittance addresses.
  2. Buyer's obligation is payable only and solely from funds available for the purchase of this purchase. Lack of funds shall render this contract null and void to the extent funds are not available and any delivered goods by unpaid invoices will be returned to Seller by Buyer.
  3. Do not include Federal Excise, State or City Sales Tax. District shall furnish tax exemption certificate.
  4. Generally, payment will be made within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of a properly prepared invoice or acceptance of the goods or services, whichever is later. Payment shall be considered made when SJC deposits the Contractor's payment in the mail or the date on which an electronic transfer of funds occurs.

Please note: FOB Destination Freight Pre-paid unless terms are specified otherwise.

For all other questions regarding payment, please contact Accounts Payable at or 281-998-6153.

What are the College’s insurance requirements?


The general insurance requirements are workers' compensation, general liability and vehicle liability. The specific type and amount of insurance required depends on the nature of the goods or services to be provided and will be specified in the solicitation.


Click here for a complete list of insurance requirements.

Conflict of Interest

Effective January 1, 2006, Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code requires that the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (“CIQ”) be completed and filed with the College by any vendor that enters or seeks to do business with the College. All vendors must include a signed Conflict of Interest Questionnaire, or the vendor must have an updated CIQ on file with the College.

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

If you have any question regarding the questionnaire please refer to the attached Texas Attorney General Opinion or contact the Texas Ethics Commission at 201 East 14th Street, 10th Floor, P.O. Box 12070, Austin, TX 78711-2070, (512) 463-5800. This commission promulgated the questionnaire and instructions.

Local Government Code 176

New Vendor Packet

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

Vendor Evaluation Form – Goods (for SJC Employees only)

Vendor Evaluation Form – Services (for SJC Employees only)