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To be placed on the San Jacinto College Prospective Vendor List, and/or to receive bids or proposals please contact the Purchasing office:

Patsy Laredo
Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 281-998-6117

Vendor Packet

Bidding Policies

Policy V-C Policy on Bidding

The college follows state regulations in processing bids for the purchase of goods and services. The college Chancellor is responsible for securing bids according to state law and Board of Trustees policy. In emergency situations, as defined in the Rules, Regulations, Procedures and Interpretations, the formal competitive bidding process need not be followed. The general procedures for such and emergency are in the Rules, Regulations, Procedures and Interpretations.

(See Guidelines and Procedures, Section 2-14)
(Effective August 9, 1982. Revised October 6, 1997, April 6, 1998; Reviewed February 5, 2008.)

Section 2-14 Guidelines and Procedures

Commodities and Their Buyers

Randi Faust
Purchasing Manager
Phone: 281-998-6106

Commodities: Construction, Professional Services, Special Projects


Genevieve Freeman-Scholes

Senior Buyer

Phone: 281-998-6349


Commodities: IT, Food, Cosmetology, Nondestructive Testing, Welding 


Charity Simpson


Phone: 281-998-6328


Commodities: Promotional Items, Clothing, Library, Science, Medical, Office Supplies, Printing, Travel 


Angela Klaus


Phone: 281-998-6327


Commodities: Athletics, Vehicles, Furniture, Maintenance, Moving 


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Solicitations List
Awarded Solicitations

CSP 13-07 Electrical Services Upgrade

Bid 13-06 3D Printer

RFP 13-05 Flight Simulator

RFQ 13-03 Investment Services

RFP 13-02 Information Assurance and Security

Bid 13-01 Waste Management

Contract Awards

(Awarded Contracts for August 2011- August 2013)

Board Approval Summary

Contract Solicitations