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After Action Report

After Action Reports (AAR) are designed to analyze the management or response to an incident, exercise or event by identifying strengths as well as potential areas of improvement.

AARs are intended to be used as a tool by College functional units involved in an incident. An ARR provides analysis for lessons learned, best practices and recommendations for future planning, training, and exercise development. As improvement actions are identified and addressed, it is important that any relevant plans, policies and procedures are updated accordingly.

The AAR Template can be utilized by any College department or functional unit to identify lessons learned after an emergency, special event or exercise. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Emergency Management.

Examples of Terms:

AAR                      After Action Report

CAD                      Computer Aided Dispatch

COH                      City of Houston

DPISD                   Deer Park Independent School District

EOC                      Emergency Operations Center

GPISD                   Galena Park Independent School District

HC                         Harris County

HCCO                   Harris County Constable’s Office

HCSO                    Harris County Sherriff’s Office

HFD                       Houston Fire Department

HISD                     Houston Independent School District

IC                          Incident Command

ICP                        Incident Command Post

ICS                        Incident Command System

LPISD                    La Porte Independent School District

NIMS                    National Incident Management System

NWS                     National Weather Service

OEM                     Office of Emergency Management

PCT                       Precinct

PIO                        Public Information Officer

PISD                      Pasadena Independent School District

SJC/College         San Jacinto College

SJCPD/PD            San Jacinto College Police Department