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Campus Disturbance and Demonstration

Campus Disturbance and Demonstration

Generally, peaceful, non-obstructive demonstrations should not be interrupted.  However, the college has the responsibility to ensure the safety of individuals, the protection of property, and the continuity of the educational process. 

If any of the following conditions exist, College Police will terminate the demonstration.  Failure to terminate the disruptive activity will result in disciplinary action. 

  • Interference with normal operations of the College
  • Prevention of access to office, building, or other College facilities
  • Threat of physical harm to people
  • Threat or actual damage to College property

To promote the orderly distribution of ideas expressed by those assembling, demonstrations or assemblies on campus are permitted only at a time and place approved by the Dean of Student Development.

Those persons desiring to assemble and meet in such areas shall obtain a permit from the Dean of Student Development to ensure that all those who wish to hold meetings shall have the opportunity and to prevent conflicts with other campus activities. 

The use of placards and signs carried by persons shall also be restricted to the assembly areas.