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Media Relations

Media Relations

The college has two Basic Guidelines for talking with the media to observe in crisis situations:

  • The Vice Chancellor of Marketing is the authorized spokesperson to disseminate information to the media, unless an alternate designee is appointed by the Chancellor.  Employees are not to engage with the media on behalf of San Jacinto College.
  • Only factual information is released; no speculation is to be offered.

Other Guidelines

All personnel are directed to report the status of an emergency situation directly to the Emergency Management Team.  Personnel are not to discuss this status with outsiders, ESPECIALLY MEDIA, on behalf of the college.

All contacts from the media must be referred directly to the Vice Chancellor of Marketing.  281- 998-6151 (office) or 281-733-9386 (mobile)

The Vice Chancellor of Marketing will be kept apprised of the status of all emergencies, including what the emergency is, how it began (what caused it), who is involved, if there are injuries, the names of those injured and extent of injuries, what is happening currently, and what help has been summoned.  Additionally, information should be given on what is being done to resolve the emergency.

Employees should be wary of video cameras or photographers and their coverage of an incident and should contact the Vice Chancellor of Marketing if media is seen on campus.

Under no circumstances shall anyone other than the designated spokesperson release the names of victims.  The spokesperson shall not release any information about the victims without direct authorization from the Emergency Management Team to ensure family members have been appropriately contacted.

Family members affected are discouraged from agreeing to provide media with an interview, but if they chose to grant an interview, it is recommended that questions be prescreened.  It is recommended that the Vice Chancellor of Marketing or a member of the Emergency Management Team  be present during interviews with family members to ensure that ground rules are followed and inappropriate questions are not asked of the family members.

The Vice Chancellor of Marketing will work with the communications staff to disseminate approved communications to the campus community through the Emergency Notification Systems and press releases to the media.  The communications staff will also update the College website and the College emergency information line.