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Meet the Staff

Facilities and Construction

Bryan Jones
Associate Vice Chancellor Facilities and Construction
Phone: 281-998-6343
Email: Bryan Jones

Mike Harris
Facilities Coordinator
Phone: 281-998-6338
Email: Mike Harris

Jessica Garcia
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 281-998-6365
Email: Jessica Garcia

Larry Logsdon
Director of Construction
Phone: 281-998-6120
Email: Larry Logsdon

Bill Dowell
Director of Project Services
Email: Bill Dowell

Christy Golightly Simmons
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 281-998-6120
Email: Christy Golightly


Don Netherton
Director of Physical Plants
Phone: 281-478-2792
Email: Don Netherton

John Maslonka
Facilities Operations Manager, Central campus
Phone: 281-542-2029
Email: John Maslonka

Josh Johnson
Facilities Operations Manager, North campus
Phone: 281-459-7152
Email: Josh Johnson

Ron Andell
Facilities Operations Manager, South campus
Phone: 281-929-4659
Email: Ron Andell

Jerry Moates
Service Coordinator, South campus
Phone: 281-992-3411
Email: Jerry Moates

Billy Johnson
Service Coordinator, North campus
Phone: 281-478-7105
Email: Billy Johnson