Guideline 3-10: Smoke-free Workplace

The San Jacinto College District is designated as a smoke-free institution. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, including private offices, and vehicles owned or controlled by the college district. Persons wishing to smoke must leave the building or vehicle. Smoking will be allowed 50 ft. from entrance and exit doors and wheel chair ramps. Appropriate signage will be posted on doors. Additionally, multiple smoking areas will be designated at each location. Smoking receptacles will be placed at designated areas and all smoking materials should be placed in these receptacles. Students who violate the policy are subject to disciplinary action by the Campus Administration. Employees who violate the policy will be directed to the appropriate leadership chain. Each person is expected to take responsibility for his/her own actions and be considerate and respectful of others and adhere to these guidelines.

Likewise, the sale of tobacco products is prohibited on college property. Violations should be reported to the Vice President of Student Development on the appropriate campus or the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources at the District office.

(Re: Policy IV-B-6; Board of Trustees Policy Manual)

(Modified August 5, 2013; Portion Related to South Campus suspended and Employee Violations amended August 5, 2013)