Policy VI-S: Policy on Naming College Facilities and Academic and Support Entities

The Board of Trustees retains the exclusive right to name the facilities and academic and support entities of the San Jacinto Community College District (“College”). Generally, such areas will be named based on the major functions of the facility or academic and support entities. At times, the Board of Trustees may recognize individuals, corporations, and organizations that support the College’s mission and vision and have contributed to the measurable good of the College by providing a naming opportunity. 

The function of naming college facilities and academic and support entities of the College may be accomplished at a posted meeting of the Board of Trustees. Recommendations on naming facilities and academic and support entities are made by the Board Building Committee in conjunction with the Board Finance Committee. 

As used in this policy, “facilities and academic and support entities” are defined as follows:

Facilities include buildings, portions of buildings, additions to buildings, satellite centers, wings, halls, classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, auditoriums, libraries, conference rooms, galleries, lobbies, dining facilities, parks, plazas, recreational fields, outside facilities, parking lots, streets, capital projects, gardens, open spaces, benches, fields, or any other areas, property, enhancement, and architectural features owned or leased by the College.

Academic and Support Entities include divisions, departments, centers, academies, institutes, programs, initiatives, and endowed chairs. 

This policy does not apply to scholarships, bricks, plaques, walls, and other commemorative or temporary installations established to honor an individual or organization.  The Board authorizes the Chancellor to establish and approve such items based on recommendations by the leadership of the College and/or the executive board of the San Jacinto College Foundation.

(Effective June 1, 1998; Reviewed February 7, 2008: Revised March 4, 2013)