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Through the adoption of these policies, procedures and regulations, all previously adopted policies, procedures and regulations, actions of the Board of Trustees, policy statements, administrative directives, handbooks, or similar statements of rules and regulations or policies are repealed and of no force or effect if in conflict with these rules and regulations. Likewise, any amendments of or addition to these policies, procedures and regulations will repeal any procedures and regulations or policies in conflict with it.

Except for the bylaws in Section III, these policies may be amended or new ones adopted at any meeting of the Board of Trustees by the affirmative vote of a majority of a quorum after 20 days have passed and after such addition or amendment has been reduced to writing and submitted to each member of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees may waive the 20-day requirement by the affirmative vote of four Trustees at any meeting.

The administration has the authority to promulgate procedures to implement the policies set forth in this manual. Such procedures may be promulgated or amended whenever administration deems necessary without immediate Board approval. This Policy Manual is not a contract.

In Policy VI-C, Policy on Role of Faculty in Institutional Governance, the Board recognizes the Faculty Organization as a channel of communications through which faculty use their expertise and experience in the development of college policies and the streamlining of college programs and processes.

The Faculty Organization solicits opinion concerning issues relating to conditions of professional employment education requirements; nepotism; duration of contract; and increment for post-graduate work; salary; leave policies; insurance; workload and office hour requirements; and professional growth requirements. Before final Board action is taken on these issues, faculty and administrative input is solicited through this committee, and consideration is given to faculty and administrative viewpoints before final Board decisions are made. The committee is given 30 days to collect faculty responses to inquiries about new policies and to develop its responses to proposed policies or to revisions in present policies.

Likewise, the Staff Organization and Administrative Organization, two employee organizations recognized by the board, may recommend policy changes or be requested to provide input regarding proposed policy changes.

Procedures followed to change or an existing Board Policy include:

  • The need for change is identified and transmitted to Human Resources (HR).
  • HR reviews the request, provides any necessary research including legal opinion and suggests wording to accomplish the change(s).
  • Proposed Policy changes are sent to the FO, SO and AO for input and suggestions unless the policy deals with Board matters or duties of the Chancellor.
  • Proposed Policy changes are modified as necessary after receiving input and either presented to the Chancellor's Cabinet or the Board Policy Committee.
  • Proposed Policy changes are typically read one Board meeting and Approved at the next Board meeting

Revised February 3, 1992; November 27, 2007.