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Procedure 4-25: Secondary Review of Validated Performance Rating

  1. Introduction

This procedure specifies the process for reviewing a validated performance rating. The review process defined in this Secondary Review procedure is the exclusive means of requesting a review of the validated performance rating. This Secondary Review procedure applies only to full-time employees including: Faculty, Administrators, and Staff.

  1. Procedure

Performance ratings will be validated for all full-time faculty, administrators, and staff. Employees who have expressed a concern about their validated performance rating will utilize this Secondary Review procedure for their request. All performance documentation within the review period should have been included in the original self-evaluation; however, for the Secondary Review an employee may clarify or expand original information from their performance self-evaluation.

  1. Employees must present their performance evaluation concern in writing or via email to their respective leader within ten (10) working days of being advised of their final validated performance rating.
    1. The immediate leader will meet with the employee to discuss the concern within ten (10) working days.
    2. If the employee or leader are not available to meet within ten (10) working days, a mutually agreed upon date needs to be scheduled prior to the Secondary Review.
    3. The immediate leader may resolve the employee’s request for a Secondary Review through discussion with the employee. If the matter is resolved, the leader will respond via email indicating no further action is requested by the employee. The employee will acknowledge the communication with an email response confirming agreement that there is no need to move forward with the Secondary Review.
    4. If the matter is not resolved after discussion with the employee, the immediate leader shall notify the successive levels of leadership (including the Provost, Vice Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor & President) and the Director of Employee Relations of the request for review; this will initiate the next step in the process, a Secondary Review. Human Resources will then send an acknowledgement confirming receipt of the request. Note: This process does not include a separate review by the employee’s leadership chain.
  2. The validation team, to include the respective Provost, Vice Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor & President, will convene each September to hear all secondary reviews for faculty, staff and administrators.
    1. Employees may have a representative of their respective Faculty, Administrative, or Staff Organization (FO, AO, or SO) attend the Secondary Review meeting. This representative shall not present information on behalf of the employee, participate in discussions, answer questions, or initiate discussions.
    2. Each appeal shall be allotted a maximum of 20 minutes for presentation of information or facts, clarification of facts, and discussion.

      Employee states the concern and facts

           5 minutes

      Leader summarizes the facts

           5 minutes

      Employee may rebut leader information

           2 minutes

      Employee and representative, if any, and leader will exit


      Validation team considers facts and makes a determination

           8 minutes

    3. The Provost, Vice Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor & President shall notify the employee in writing within ten (10) working days of the determination of the respective validation team. A copy of the determination shall be provided to the employee’s successive levels of leadership.
  3. The respective validation team’s decision is final and will act as the designee for the Chancellor regarding all reviews of validated ratings.



Exceptional and Unacceptable ratings must be approved by the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) Validation Team. Should the respective validation team change the employee’s rating to Exceptional or Unacceptable as a result of the review, Human Resources will notify the Chancellor of the need to reconvene the SLT validation team.

The SLT Validation Team will convene within ten (10) working days after receiving the request from Human Resources. If the SLT members require more than ten (10) working days to consider the rating recommendation, the Provost, Vice Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor & President shall notify the employee in writing how much time will reasonably be needed to provide a response.

Following the SLT validation team’s decision, the employee will receive a written determination from the appropriate Provost, Vice Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor & President within ten (10) working days. A copy of the determination shall be provided to the employee’s successive levels of leadership.

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Procedure Name:

Secondary Review of Validated Performance Rating



Adopted Date:

March 1, 2013

Revision/Reviewed Date:

September 23, 2015

Effective Date:

March 1, 2013; September 24, 2015

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