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Procedure 4-26: Faculty Transcripts, Licenses and Other Documentation


This procedure specifies the process for submitting faculty transcripts, required licenses, and updates to faculty records.


Required faculty transcripts (SOQ for technical faculty), licenses, certificates, and other documentation must be on file with Human Resources prior to the scheduled first day of employment. The department may request an exception from the Manager of Employment in Human Resources to submit the documents within forty-five (45) calendar days of the new faculty member’s first day of employment. Until these documents are submitted, the new faculty member will not have any contractual expectancy of employment. Failure to provide these documents within forty-five (45) calendar days may result in the termination of the employment relationship.

Any employee who is required to hold a state license, registry, or certificate in order to be qualified as an instructor and lets the license, registry, or certificate lapse or expire, will immediately become ineligible for employment and subject to immediate termination.

Faculty members are required to provide updated documentation to keep their files current. The updates may include new official transcripts as well as copies of current documents referred to in the preceding paragraph. Failure to provide this documentation upon request may result in a faculty member not being considered for future employment or in a proposal for immediate termination.

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 Faculty Transcripts, Licenses and Other Documentation



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 June 1, 2015

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 June 1, 2015

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