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Procedure 4-4: Reclassification Review

Non-Teaching Staff

The college may initiate re-classification of certain positions from time to time for business reasons as well as offer an opportunity annually for non-teaching staff employees to request a review of their position's classification. Human Resources will notify all employees of the review schedule. Among the reasons for requesting a review include:

  • The class specification does not describe your current position
  • Your job duties/responsibilities have significantly changed or expanded

The necessary supporting documents for a review to be considered, may be obtained from Human Resources and include the following:

  • Request for Classification Review with an updated PDQ
  • Supervisor Comments/Approval
  • President/Vice Chancellor Comments/Approval

All Requests that are approved by campus administration will be received by the Human Resources Office to be presented to the Classification Committee for their consideration.

Justified requests will be reviewed by the Classification Committee, composed of employees in each classification from all locations. Reclassifications that are granted, will be effective September 1 of the next fiscal year.

Administrators and Non-teaching Professional

Administrative and non-teaching professional positions may be reviewed for classification or reclassification only at the request of the Chancellor. Studies of this nature are made prior to the beginning of a fiscal year, generally during the month of June and are reviewed and approved by the administrative members of the cabinet. Any changes in classification are effective September 1 of the new fiscal year.

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Reclassification Review



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