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Procedure 4-6: Extra Service Agreements

Extra-service agreements may be developed between the administration and exempt employees for special projects when such assignments are accomplished outside the scope of the individual's regular duties and work schedule. Extra-service agreements are developed between faculty and a President or Vice Chancellor and must be approved by the Board of Trustees prior to the performance of any work towards the project. Extra-service agreements initiated between a Vice Chancellor and a campus employee must be undertaken with the cooperation by signature of the campus President.

A district committee composed of the three Vice Presidents of Instruction, the Vice Chancellor of Instructional Programs and Services and the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources will review all extra-service agreements to ensure consistent application of guidelines.

The following guidelines will be used by the administration in consideration of extra-service agreements:

  • Extra-service agreements must be in Human Resources with all required signatures one week prior to the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees at which approval is sought.
  • Extra-service agreements for administrators and professional non-faculty will be the exception.
  • All extra service agreements initiated on a campus must have the signature and approval of the President.
  • Extra-service agreements may be considered only for assignments that are clearly outside the individual's job description.
  • By way of example, extra-service agreements may be offered for the development of new technical AAS degree programs, but will not be offered for the revision of existing technical AAS degree programs.
  • Extra-service agreements will not be offered for the development or the revision of academic and/or technical courses including distance learning courses.

Recommended pay rates for work performed under an extra-service agreement must be in accordance with the rates and salary schedules approved by the Board of Trustees for all employees. In general, compensation for extra-service funded by the college will abide by the following criteria:

  • For specialized responsibilities, with required specific professional expertise, the rate will be the overload lecture rate in effect at the time of approval.
  • For all other projects the rate will be the overload lab rate in effect at the time of approval.

(Re: Policy IV-C-16; Board of Trustees Policy Manual)

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Extra Service Agreements



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