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College Vehicle Program


San Jacinto College Vehicle Program offers required training to employees and students wishing to use a college vehicle for a school sponsored event. Vehicles, whether owned or leased by the college, are to be used solely for college related business. Operation of college vehicles for personal use is strictly prohibited unless provided otherwise in an employment or other written agreement approved by the Board of Trustees.

All drivers of college owned or leased vehicles must hold a current valid Texas driver's license appropriate for the intended usage of the vehicle, must have successfully completed the SJC Safe Drivers Training Course, and must be eligible for coverage under the college's insurance policies.

In addition to guidelines accompanying this policy, each campus shall establish and publish specific guidelines and procedures regarding reservations and priorities for usage of college vehicles.

After completing the course, you will be approved to drive for 3 years. Once that term expires you can retake the course to get re-certified. If you are interested in becoming approved to drive, fill out the form below and send it to the Safety Office at the District Office, A-2.204 or fax to 281-998-6133

(See Guidelines and Procedures, Section 2-15)
(Effective August 3, 1998) (Revised April 4, 2005; Reviewed February 5, 2008)

Request To Be an Approved Driver Form

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