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Emergency Operations Plan

Section I; Executive Summary

  1. Goal
  2. Purpose
  3. Scope
  4. Assumptions
  5. Types of Emergencies
  6. Incident Command System
    1. Key Principles of the Incident Command System
    2. Designation of College Incident Commander
  7. Declaration of Emergency

Section II: Organization

  1. Emergency Management Team
    1. Membership
    2. Responsibilities
    3. Structure
  2. Critical Response Team
    1. Membership
    2. Responsibilities
    3. Structure
  3. Campus Presidents
    1. Responsibilities
    2. Departmental Hurricane Response Procedures
  4. Building Marshals
    1. Duties
  5. Employee Response Procedures
    1. Purpose
    2. Responsibilities
  6. Essential Roles of the Emergency Operations Plan
    1. Role of the Chancellor
    2. Role of the College Incident Commander
    3. Role of the Emergency Operations Plan Coordinator
  7. Overall Organization

Section III: Plan Activation and Operation

  1. Level of Response
  2. Plan Notification and Activation
    1. Monitoring Responsibilities
    2. Incident Evaluation
    3. Plan Activation
    4. Notification
  3. Command Centers
    1. District Crisis Command Center
    2. Campus Crisis Operations Post
    3. Incident Command Site
  4. Campus Recovery

Section IV: Employee Response Procedures

  1. Goal
  2. Purpose
  3. Assessment of Critical Emergency Functions/Services
  4. Communications
  5. Response Procedures

Tab 4-100: Common Emergency Responses

Media Relations
Emergency Assistance
Back-up and Pack-up

Tab 4-200: Natural Causes

Severe Weather Conditions

Tab 4-300: Accidental Causes

Chemical Emergencies
Fire / Explosion
Gas Leaks
Medical Emergencies
Power Failures
Vehicular Accidents

Tab 4-400: Civil / Social Causes               

Alcohol / Drug Abuse
Bomb Threat
Bomb Threat Checklists
Campus Disturbance / Demonstrations
Mail Safety / Suspicious Package
Mental / Physical Abuse
Psychological Distress/Crisis
Violent / Criminal Behavior

Section V: Critical Response Procedures

Tab 5-100: Natural Causes


i.  General Preparedness Information
ii.  Critical Hurricane Response Procedures
iii. Hurricane Facility Recovery & Reconstruction


Tab 5-200: Accidental Causes

Tab 5-300: Civil / Social Causes

Campus Disturbance or Demonstration
Persons with Suicidal or Homicidal Tendencies


Appendix A – Emergency Contact Information

Outside Emergency Services
Emergency Management Team
Critical Response Team

Appendix B – Glossary

Appendix C – Board Policies

Policy V-L:  College Emergencies and Natural Disasters
Procedure 3-17-a:  Unscheduled School Closures
Procedure 3-17-b:  Payroll During an Unscheduled Closure