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Employee Grants

Student Success Initiatives are grants funded by the Foundation and awarded to faculty and staff project proposals which support innovative ideas designed to promote student success.

To better meet your needs, applications are accepted continuously and awarded Fall and Spring semester.

Application Deadline Awards Announced Matching Funds Authorization Funds Available
August 1 August 15 September 1

September 1

November 15 December 1 January 15

January 15



Employee Grants

All San Jacinto College faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals designed to support Student Success. Preference will be given to proposals that directly engage students and focus upon maximizing the probability of academic success.

These grants are intended to be pilot projects which, if successful, may be continued at the discretion of the District or campus dependent upon the availability of funding.

Funding requests should range from $300 to $5,000 and use of matching funds is strongly encouraged. Requests for amounts in excess of $5,000 need to be accompanied with proof of matching funds. If awarded, matching funds or FOAP for split requisitions must be sent to the Foundation before August 01.

Please note that all approved projects must clearly and specifically designate how the success of the program will be measured.

Download application  - Please be patient, it takes a few seconds to download.

Projects should address one or more of the following outcomes:

  • a. Improved course completion rates with a grade of C or higher
  • b. Improved course progression rates
  • c. Decreased course withdrawal rates
  • d. Improved grade point average
  • e. Improved student retention (Fall to Spring)
  • f. Improved student persistence (Fall to Fall)
  • g. Improved graduation rates
  • h. Other measurable learning outcomes which support student success

General guidelines include:

  • a. Salary and stipend-related benefits for faculty/staff cannot be funded
  • b. Not intended to support travel or equipment purchases which can be financed through other institutional resources
  • c. Payment to students as mentors or tutors will be considered on the basis of entire project
  • d. A complete detailed budget must be included with proposal
  • e. Preference will be given to new projects
  • f. All projects involving IT equipment or software need to be approved by Rob Stanicic
  • g. All projects involving facilities modifications need to be approved by the appropriate Director of Maintenance
  • h. Proposals need to be approved by your campus Provost; District projects need to be approved by  Dr. Laurel Williamson
  • i. Funds will be available September 1, and need to be spent by October 31