Help students reach their goals

A gift to San Jacinto College Foundation transform lives, enriches our community with a talented workforce and provide community leaders for tomorrow. Dollars invested provide rich return in valuable talent otherwise lost. With your help, students can achieve their dream.

  • A contribution of $1,000 will assist a full-time student with their tuition, fees, and books.
  • A contribution of $750 will assist a part-time student with tuition, fees, and books.
  • A contribution of $600 will assist a full-time student with tuition, and fees.
  • A contribution of $300 will assist a part-time student with tuition, and fees
  • Any donation under these amounts will assist students with costs for books and school supplies.

The Foundation has helped thousands of students reach their goals, and those students have gone on to become positive and productive contributors to our community. There are infinite reasons to give. Yet the result is always the same. A life is changed, for the better.

Student Appreciation

“Thank you for your support. As a first generation college student who dreams of becoming a teacher, my goal is to inspire others  to pursue their dreams of an education.” -Alma Block

“Thank you. I appreciate this more than you know. I have been stressed after losing my mother in December 2011. Now, because of your help, I will be able to continue on the path I have planned. I promise to work hard to reach my goals.” - Joshua Eilander

“This award is more than I could have ever hoped for and I am humbled by the consideration you have given me. Thank you for having faith in me and my ability to succeed.” -Sherry Foutch


Our Time is Now

San Jacinto College is committed to the citizens of East Harris County, its students and academic excellence. Every dollar invested in helping students succeed today changes lives and provides economic prosperity to local families and communities through a trained workforce. Education improves the quality of life for the entire community and enriches individuals and their families.

Promise for Their Future: Art and Science Scholarships

Our Challenge

Today, many of East Harris County’s K-12 students who could become our future scientists and artists dream of improving their lives through higher education, but to them it seems an impossible dream.

Our Solution

We must help all of our students realize their potential by providing them with the funds they need to complete their college education. In order to open the doors of opportunity to these young students, especially those who show ability and interest in the sciences and arts, San Jacinto College Foundation initiated the Promise for Their Future scholarship to provide hope and opportunity to these talented young people.

Our Goal

$1,000,000 to endow the Promise for Their Future scholarship fund.

Helping Our Veterans Succeed

Our Challenge

San Jacinto College has taken a progressive stand by providing our returning veterans with a place for counseling, camaraderie, and quiet study on each of our three campuses.

Our Solution

These Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success, will provide trained and certified personnel to assist our veterans in succeeding in their educational goals.

Our Goal

To raise $300,000.Your donation will be the key to success and help provide for operational and material needs.

Student Success Annual Campaign

Our Challenge

To assist our students succeed, we need to go beyond just awarding scholarships, by providing funding for innovative programs that foster academic success, improved student retention, improved graduate rates.

Our Solution

To pay for these innovative programs and other unmet needs, the Foundation will hold an annual campaign to raise undesignated funds.

Our Goal

To raise $750,000


Ways to Give

You are the key to our students' success.

SJC Foundation will open a new chapter of empowering students to achieve their educational goals, build our community, and meet the growing needs of tomorrow. Our students invite you to lend your support in enriching existing partnerships and developing new ones. The money you give is used to benefit students in one of three ways- through scholarships, endowments, or grants.

Scholarships- are completely flexible to your terms. You can give any amount at any time.

Endowment-  is a kind of scholarship that is backed by a permanent base of funds, which generates interests that is awarded every year forever. The minimum gift to establish an endowment is $25,000.

Grant- your donation will be applied to funds in which faculty and staff have to apply for. Faculty and staff apply for specific amounts of expenditures that promise to improve the quality of education for our students.

You can make a general donation, or specify how your gift should be used, the choice is yours.

The success of our students, and our community would not be possible without donors like you.  Thank you.

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