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Donor Spotlights

Roy and Sue Mease were honored at the 2014 golf tournament. Pictured, left to right, are: Ruth Keenan, Sue Mease, Dr. Brenda Hellyer, Roy Mease, Andy Pettitte, and Pasadena Mayor Johnny Isbell.


Investing in
Tomorrow’s Leaders

Paying it forward isn’t just a mantra for Roy and Sue Mease; it’s a way of life.

Always an advocate for education and student success, Roy joined the San Jacinto College Foundation Board of Directors in 2008. Making education accessible to students was the driving force behind his involvement, and it would be in the name of his son, Kipper Mease.

After the loss of their son, he, his wife Sue, and their daughter Kelli wanted to find a way to keep Kipper’s memory alive that also combined their shared cause of education advocacy. They first began by funding a scholarship with Deer Park High School. After a few years, the Mease family felt it was time to invest in the future of students that needed it most. “I needed a bigger

stage and chose San Jacinto College to keep Kipper’s memory alive,” said Mease.

At the Foundation’s 15th Annual Golf Tournament, Roy and Sue announced their donation of $25,000 to the San Jacinto College Foundation to establish the Kipper Mease Endowment Fund of their son Kipper. The couple has continued to build this fund through annual contributions at succeeding golf tournaments and to date, the endowment has reached $100,000.

“Sue and I are thankful to the College for letting us establish a living memorial to him through scholarships. We both know that this is what Kipper would have wanted. He had a wonderful heart and love of life. We think that he is looking down on us and saying, ‘Keep up the good work.’ There are streets and parks named after him, and I say that is a wonderful accomplishment for such a young man,” said Mease.

It’s not surprising to find the Meases out in the community or at College events, sharing the student stories they’ve come across and all the great work that is being done by the Foundation. “I have enjoyed seeing the good that comes from everyone’s efforts. Giving scholarships to students so

that they can continue their education are what Sue and I enjoy the most. It makes you feel good about yourself, to know that what this Foundation is doing matters so much to the students that receive these scholarships,” he added.

Roy Mease is an attorney with a private practice in Pasadena. He is a member of the State Bar of Texas, attended the University of Texas at Austin, and received his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the South Texas College of Law. He serves as commissioner of the Port of Houston Authority, and serves as chairman of the Pasadena Second Century Corporation. He served as a member of the Pasadena City Council for eight years and also served as president of the Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo where he has been a director for 44 years.

Sue Wolf Mease attended Pasadena High School and South Houston High School where she graduated. Sue was voted “Most Beautiful” and in the words of her daughter Kelli, “is the sweetest, most saintly person, and is a friend to all.”

Roy and Sue celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary last October.

Scholarships Can Be Life Changing

Thomas KozuchThanks to a scholarship, Thomas Kozuch will earn his process technology degree, and has a promising future in the petrochemical industry.

“The scholarship made it all possible, because it removed a huge financial burden,” Kozuch said. “I had been paying my way through college, and it’s very hard to work full-time and try to be a full-time student. Because of the scholarship, I have been able to reduce my work hours and devote more time and attention to school work.”

Student success stories like this are possible because of partnerships that generously support the San Jacinto College Foundation.

In 2014, the East Harris County Manufacturers Association (EHCMA) golf tournament and auction raised more than $82,080 in scholarship funds to be awarded to San Jacinto College students who plan to pursue petrochemical careers. Craig Beskid, EHCMA executive director, said there is a direct correlation between training provided by San Jacinto College and the economic growth of East Harris County.

“San Jacinto College has been an excellent partner in education and training for this region for many years, and the petrochemical sector specifically,” Beskid said. “The education and training offered is much less time-intensive, and much more affordable than what is available at universities. It leads to good paying careers quickly. The petrochemical sector needs this pool of workers for the future."

Partnership with Houston Pilots is Training More Mariners

Thanks to a partnership with the Houston Pilots, San Jacinto College can now train mariners on life-like ship bridge simulators. Pilots can use the simulators for research, and students – both current mariners and mariners-to-be – can use them for training.

Previously, the Houston Pilots often traveled the globe for such training. But by having bridge simulators available locally, they are able to customize the system to exact specifications required for the very unique conditions in the Houston Ship Channel.

The simulators, valued at approximately $1.5 million, are room-sized replicas of ship control bridges, each with a 270 degree view and life-like graphics displayed on multiple 65-inch monitors. They were donated to the College by the Houston Pilots, along with instructor stations, debrief classrooms, and development stations.

Students like Joshua Brown are the direct beneficiaries of this equipment. “It is one of the

best in Texas,” Brown said. “Thanks to San Jacinto College and the Houston Pilots, I have had the opportunity to operate the simulator and have a better idea of how it is to operate a vessel as a master.”

Maritime Ship Simulator

Texas Workforce Commissioner Andres Alcantar “drives” a boat on the bridge simulator.