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Student Spotlights

STEM Honors student prepared for next chapter

Cole Murphy of Pasadena is pursuing a career within a STEM field. He came to San Jacinto College to prepare for his transition to Texas A&M University, which he plans for Fall 2015. He is an Honors student and has received Houston Chemical Association and T-STEM scholarships.

Question: How has your time at San Jacinto College helped you prepare for your next step?

Cole Murphy (CM): Studying at San Jacinto College has helped me a lot since graduating from high school. My professors have taught me how to learn independently and how to study to prepare myself for a university.

Q: What are some of the features of the College that have helped you achieve student success?

CM: I use many of the free services for students. I enjoy visiting the Honors Program lounge for studying and have received help from the Student Success Center and the Math Lab. All of the services have helped me a lot, and I have noticed an increase in my GPA.

Q: Do you have any advice to current and future San Jacinto College students?

CM: You must be very dedicated to get to where you want to go. Community college can be challenging but it helps you to gain the knowledge needed for a university.

The Sky Is The Limit

By Misty Lee, as told to Jeannie Peng-Armao

Misty Lee BaumannI never thought I would be 40 years old and going back to school. However, life is full of the unexpected. Who ever thought it would take this long to realize my career path, but here I am, so close to reaching a goal I set for myself a little over a year ago.

Since graduating high school more than 20 years ago, I served in the military for four years and became a mom. Being a single mother is hard, and time has really flown by. I woke up one day and my child was a teenager and I was still struggling without any type of career. Growing up and watching my dad work in a plant taught me that hard work pays off.

My final motivation was the loss of my job. I wanted something more stable to provide for my family. I needed a career in an industry that wasn’t going anywhere but up.

By walking through the doors of San Jacinto College and talking to a counselor, the ball was set into motion. I had a goal set in my mind immediately. Since beginning school I have already been recognized and received a scholarship from ExxonMobil to help fund my education. Within only a short year I will have my process technology certification, and in just two years I will have an associate degree in applied science.

With this degree, I will immediately be eligible to become employed in a plant or refinery as an operator. I’ll be able to earn more than I ever imagined, and the sky is the limit!

My name is Misty Lee Baumann and I’m from Pasadena, Texas. I am a hopeful Spring 2016 graduate of the San Jacinto College process technology program.

Dream of Becoming a Nurse is a Reality

Tony SmithBy Tony Smith
I was never a good high school student. In fact, I made low grades and never wanted to participate or even go to school. It is not that I did not like school, but I was bullied, and going to school was a moment in time that I did not want any part of. I ended up earning my GED, and took a job at a local store. That’s when I thought, “This is it, this is my life from now on.” I never thought I was smart enough, and had no idea how to go back to school.

One day I made the decision to go back to school. I wanted to live out my dream of being a nurse, and I knew San Jac was the place for me. When I was registered and ready to start, I took my first class, the Guided Studies (GUST) course. From the first day I walked into that class my life changed.

GUST is a course that not only prepares you for the road ahead, but looks back and teaches you a lot about yourself. I did not just learn how to take notes, or take a test with strategies, I learned about myself.

I always thought my teachers were out to get me, and that they wanted me to fail. Not the case! I chose to fail, I decided not to participate or ask for help. The best part of the course was the journal we had to keep. I never knew I could dig so deep into my thoughts or even tap into such emotions. I learned that no one was to blame for my bad grades or low self-esteem but myself. I also learned that you only get out of college what you put in, and I put in 110 percent. San Jac has given me a new life and a new career. I went from my GED to being a nurse, and now I am San Jac Certified.

I cannot put into words how much of a passion and love I have for San Jac. Becoming a nurse was a long journey and I could not have done it alone. The truth is, at San Jac I was never alone. I had such a big support group, from other students, alumni, my professors, and everyone in between.