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Admission Requirements

Welcome to the world of higher learning.

First of all, congratulations on taking the next step in your academic journey. And thank you, we’re glad you’re making San Jacinto College a part of your plans.

We’re anxious to help you on your way, and that starts with a pretty straightforward admission process. You just need to complete an application, and have your transcripts sent to our Admissions Office along with proof that you’ve met the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements, which consists of your scores on the TSIA, SAT, ACT, or other state-approved test.

We’ve made admissions pretty simple, but if anything seems confusing or if you have questions that aren’t answered here, just call the Admissions Office at 281-998-6150. We’ll get you some answers.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements

Simply put, the TSI is a way to make sure you get what you need to be successful. Students enter college with different academic strengths. So we evaluate your skill levels so we can provide the appropriate course program, as well any needed academic support.

All incoming students, unless exempt, are assessed for college readiness in reading, writing and mathematics. You can demonstrate this readiness in different ways – a passing score on an assessment test, completion of a developmental course sequence, or showing that you’ve previously completed a college-level course that meets a subject’s skill requirement.

Go here for more information about the Texas Success Initiative (TSI).

Assessment Test

The primary test we use at San Jac is called the TSIA. Students need to take the pre-assessment, once complete print your certificate and take it to an Educational Planner/Counselor or the Enrollment Services Office to get a test referral form.  For more information about the pre-assessment click here.  If your scores show that you’re ready for college, you’re in. If not, you’ll just need to take some developmental courses, which we offer right here at San Jac.

Developmental Courses

If your test scores require you to take developmental courses, the first step is to meet with a San Jac Educational Planner/Counselor. Your counselor will determine which courses you need to take and help you with anything you need to succeed through options such as tutoring and retesting.

Are you exempt?

TSI requirements and developmental courses won’t apply to you in any of these cases:

  1. You hold an associate or higher degree.
  2. You are serving in the military or have been honorably discharged, retired, or released on or after August 1, 1990. This includes service in the Texas National Guard and reserves.
  3. You declare that you’re not seeking a degree or certificate, and have earned fewer than 15 credit hours at all institutions. You still must meet the skill prerequisites for any courses you want to take, so testing may be required. Please note that this status makes you ineligible for most state and federal financial aid.