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Ready to get started with the application? A little time now equals a huge step down the path toward your goals. Our online application is totally secure, and you can even save a partially completed application and come back to finish it later. So what are you waiting for? Apply to college now!

You might want to gather some information to make this process easier.  During the application process you will be asked questions about your name, home/current address, mailing address, personal information, program of study (major), date of high school graduation, previous colleges attended and degrees awarded, and residency. You must also acknowledge that you have read and answered accurately all areas of the application. The application must be complete and submitted before it can be processed.

The application will be processed within 48 business hours after it is submitted. To be sure that the application has been received make sure that you see the confirmation notice that appears after submitting the application. After it is processed you will receive information sent to the email address you used on the the application. The information in the email is extremely important, please read it carefully and comply with any instructions or requests.

Admission is invalid if granted on the basis of incorrect information or omitted facts which, if known, would have caused the you to be ineligible for admission.


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