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Online Learning

Turn your home into your classroom

We've created several ways for you to conveniently grab some of your basic classes - from a distance. You can complete courses online, or you can even take courses that are part on campus and part online. Just like our traditional college classes, every distance learning course offers full credit, transferability, and it has tests, assignments and an instructor that can help you.For specific course and registration information, see the Schedule of Classes or call a counselor at the nearest campus. For more information, contact the call center at 281-998-6150 and ask for the Distance Learning Office or email us.

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Online (OL): All content is delivered through computers and multimedia using the San Jacinto College's web-based system, Blackboard, and may include CDs and audio/ video streaming or publisher content. No on-campus testing or activities are required; however, off-campus proctored exams may be required.

Online Partial (OLP): Most of the content is delivered through computers and multimedia. These courses use Blackboard, the San Jacinto College web-based system, and may include CDs and audio/video streaming. On-campus testing, orientation, and/or other activities may be required.

Online/Classroom (OLC): Content delivered through an even distribution (50 percent-50 percent) of web-based and classroom activities. These courses use components of computer instruction using the San Jacinto College web-based system, Blackboard, in addition to multimedia activities, and classroom time. On-Campus classroom time is required.