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The COMPASS ESL placement test is used to accurately place students into appropriate English as a Second Language and/or English as a Non-Native Language classes.  The COMPASS ESL is composed of three tests - Grammar/Usage, Reading, and Listening.  All three components of the COMPASS ESL measure competence within a meaning-dependent environment.  The entire test is multiple choice.

The ESL Grammar/Usage test consists of Sentence Elements, and Sentence Structure and Syntax.  Punctuation, spelling, and capitalization are important sentence elements that will be assessed along with word formation, word order, and word relationships.

The ESL Reading test consists of Referring and Reasoning.  The tests primarily have reading passages and following instructions, but includes graphs and maps.

The ESL Listening test consists of Explicit Information and Implicit Information.  The difficulty of the tasks will increase, specifically rate of speech, vocabulary, blending, reductions, elision of words, idiomatic and metaphorical language, and length of stimuli.


Mondays           8:30am – 5:30pm

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