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Computer Literacy Exam

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The SJC computer literacy exam is a faculty developed, computer-based exam that includes 68 multiple choice and simulation questions focused on the topics covered by the college’s computer literacy courses.

For more specific objectives, see the syllabus for each course; generally, the exam questions are about:

• Making informed computing technology purchasing decisions
• Performing common operating system and file management tasks including basic maintenance
• Using word processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation software to produce business related documents
• Using computers to access, evaluate, create and share information safely and securely

A student has up to 90 minutes to complete the exam once it begins and must answer correctly 75% of the questions to pass the exam. A student may study or prepare for the exam using the textbooks for BCIS 1305 or ITSC 1309. IC3 Exam preparation materials and study guides may also be useful.

A student may attempt the exam one time. To take the exam, a student must receive an exam request form from an educational planner. The form must be completed and taken to the business office to pay the $20 exam fee. The business office will provide a receipt which the student must present to the testing center to schedule and take the exam. Once the exam has been completed, results will be available within two days at either the educational planning office or the enrollment services office. The student should consult with an educational planner after receiving the exam result.

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