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Spring 2015 HESI Test Dates


HESI Test Information

Prior to arriving to test, you must create an account with Evolve (the HESI testing company). Instructions on creating your account can be accessed on the San Jacinto College Nursing site.

The HESI A2 entrance exam will be required for application to the Associate Degree of Nursing program at San Jacinto College Central. The exam consists of Critical Thinking, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Math, Biology, Vocabulary, Anatomy & Physiology, and Learning Styles sections. There is a 4 hour time limit on the HESI A2 administration. Once minimum scores are earned, they will be good for 3 years.

The HESI A2 is a computerized nursing entrance exam required for applying to the Associate Degree of Nursing program. There is a 4 hour time limit for examinees to take the HESI A2 that begins when the instructions are read. However, the average time most examinees take for completing the entire exam is two and a half to three hours. This can vary depending on your reading speed and amount of time to answer questions. Further information regarding the HESI test is available at http://evolve.elsevier.com/exam.

HESI Registration Information

1. The HESI exam is only available to San Jacinto College Central students. The test is only administered at San Jacinto College Central.
2. To register, first create a username and password at http://evolve.elsevier.com/exam then register for a test date at the San Jacinto College Central Testing Center. Examinees must register in person at the Testing Center, Administration Building, Room C3.133, Central Campus. You cannot schedule the HESI exam by phone or online.
3. The HESI test fee is $40.00 (payment must be debit or credit card) and must be paid online on test day.
4. Seating is limited for all test dates. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Test dates may close before registration deadline due to a high volume of registrants.

Preparation for the HESI

The Testing Center does not have study materials available for the HESI exam; however, the study guide for Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Ex-am Review (HESI A2) can be purchased online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The Barnes & Noble bookstore at SJC Central does carry the study guide for the HESI A2 exam.

Review related class notes and/or nursing entrance exam review books. HESI publishes a review book specifically for this exam. If you have taken the exam previously, you can review content related to missed items through the website: http://www.hesiinet.com.

HESI Test Results & Re-test Policy

1. The test can only be taken twice during an academic year. If the test is taken more than twice in an application period, the first test scores will be used for application scoring purposes.
2. If you take the HESI test during 2 different application periods, the latest test scores will be used in the ranking for ad-mission into the nursing program.
3. A minimum score of 75 (please refer to HESI Testing Logistics for further details) on the tests are required before applying to the program.
4. Previous HESI scores may be used if taken after January 1, 2009; submit official copies of your scores with your application. Minimum score of 75 is required (please refer to HESI Testing Logistics for further details).

Please bring the following on test day:

  •     HESI Admission/Registration form
  •     Evolve username & password (you will not be able to test without it)
  •     $40 test fee (must be credit or debit card only)
  •     Proper photo-identification (you will not be able to test without it)
  •     A jacket or sweater (room temperature may vary)

Rescheduling of the HESI is allowed, but it must be done prior to the test date as long as there is seats available.

Please do not bring any unauthorized aids into the test room such as backpacks, study aides, books, dictionaries, notes, scratch paper, highlighters, pens, colored pencils, correction fluid, reading material, tobacco in any form, and/or any electronic devices (for example, beepers, PDA, cell phone, headphones, camera, IPOD, etc.)

Parking: There is a parking shortage at certain times of the day. You are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled testing time. Do Not Park in Staff Parking at anytime. You will receive a San Jacinto College ticket.


**For North Campus HESI testing, contact the Nursing department.

**For South Campus HESI testing for the L.V.N and A.D.N. programs, please visit www.sanjac.edu/nursing.