Program for Financial Education (PFE)

This program has been developed to help you utilize the necessary information, tools, resources, contacts, and services to become more successful in your educational and career pursuits. Anyone is welcome to participate in this program. However, if you are on an approved Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal for the first time you will be required to participate in this program. PFE requirements are stated on your appeal contract. If you have any questions or concerns about your PFE requirements, please review your contract or speak with a campus financial aid representative.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy provides helpful tips and strategies for college students seeking to improve their knowledge of budgeting, saving and avoiding the pitfalls of poor credit.

The regularly scheduled Spring 2015 Workshops have completed. Upcoming workshops for Fall 2015 will be posted on this page once they have been scheduled. 

Remember, if this is your first time to submit a financial aid appeal and it has been approved, you are required to complete a financial literacy component. To complete the financial literacy requirement, you must attend one financial literacy workshop on campus. If you cannot make it to a campus workshop, you have the option to complete the financial literacy requirement online. For Fall and Spring appeals, failure to attend at least one financial literacy workshop on campus or to complete all ten financial literacy workshop sessions online will result in your suspension. Please note, if you are a summer appeal student, we do not hold campus workshops during the summer term. For Summer appeals, you will need to complete at least five financial literacy workshop sessions online.

You are welcome to attend any on campus financial literacy session regardless of the campus where you may have submitted your appeal.

Financial Literacy Online Workshops

San Jacinto College has partnered with USA Funds® to provide an online Life Skills® Program. This program offers you advice for managing your time and money wisely while on campus and after graduation.

Instructions for completing your online workshop:
Go to and log in. Please note, if you are a returning user, go ahead and log in using your username and password and review the Get Started instructions below.

If this is your first visit, click “Request a new account” in the Login box to create your account and complete the following information on the Request Account page:
Enter your school e-mail address as your username.
Enter your school-assigned student ID (G ID number.)  
Enter the School Code and Student Access Code for the campus you are attending.
Campus    School Code    Student Access Code
Central    00360900         00360900-01
North      00360901         00360901-01
South      00360902         00360902-01

Click “Create Account” in the lower right corner to create your account. 

Get started.
To access and complete the lessons, follow these steps:
Select “My Catalog” from the left navigation menu or select the “My Catalog” tab at the top of the page.

Click on the name of a lesson.

Click on “Enroll” on the right side of the screen.
Note: Lessons can be completed in any order and you can return to it at any time and continue where you left off. To return to the in-progress session, click the name of the lesson under “My Learning” on your Home page.

To begin the lesson, click on the name of the lesson under “OLT Lessons”.
Note: Your computer settings must be set to allow pop-ups to access the lesson. 

Click “Next” to advance through the lesson.
Note: Click “Help” at the top of the screen for a key explaining the navigation.

Complete the Lesson Challenge quiz at the end of the lesson. You must achieve 70 percent or higher to pass the lesson. Once achieved, your score will be recorded on your transcript as well as the college’s weekly report. Close your quiz results and click “Close Window” to exit the lesson.

Click the “Home” tab to return to the Home page.

Repeat the previous steps until you have completed all of the lessons assigned to you.  
Note: You can review the lessons and re-take the Lesson Challenges at any time by clicking “View” under “My Learning History” on your Home page.

For Fall and Spring Appeals, you are required to complete all of the following lesson(s) in order to meet your requirements. For Summer Appeals, you are required to complete at least five of the following lesson(s) in order to meet your requirements:
103 What Do I Need to Know About Repaying My Student Loans?
104 What If I Have Trouble Repaying My Student Loans:
203 How Do I Live on a Budget While I'm in School?  
205 How Do I Manage My Personal Life While I’m in School?
304 Where Does My Paycheck Go?
305 How Do I Live on A Budget After I Have Completed School?
401 How Do I Manage My Credit Card Debt?
402 What Do Credit Scores Mean to Me?
403 What Do Credit Reports Mean to Me?
404 How Can I Protect Myself From Identity Theft?

If you need help with your life skills account, please contact USA Funds Customer Support Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time by e-mail to or call (800) 766-0084. After these hours, support is available at  or (866) 722-1470.

Attention Life Skills Users, USA Funds announced on November 17th, 2014 that some users are experiencing technical difficulties accessing the Life Skills course catalog after they have logged on to the Life Skills site. The issue is experienced by users who have upgraded their Norton Security program. Please use the alternate access procedures to work around this issue. USA Funds is working on a solution, but is unable to provide an estimated time of resolution for the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PFE Coaching

Coaching provides staff in the Educational Planning and Counseling Center an opportunity to identify areas of concern for you. If you are a financial aid appeal student, this could include concerns that lead to being placed on appeal such as class attendance, study skills, comprehension, learning disabilities, time management, work and school schedule conflicts, transportation, childcare, social service needs, personal obstacles, educational plans, career exploration, etc. Please note, you do not need to be a financial aid appeal student to utilize this service in the Educational Planning and Counseling Center.


If this is your first time to submit a financial aid appeal and it has been approved, you are required to complete PFE Coaching sessions. For fall and spring appeals, you are required to meet with the PFE coach in the Educational Planning and Counseling Center at least twice per term. For summer appeals, you are required to meet with the PFE coach in the Educational Planning and Counseling Center at least once per term. 

You are welcome to begin your coaching sessions at any of our locations regardless of the campus where you may have submitted your appeal. However, in order for you to receive the full benefit of the coaching sessions, you must complete them at the same campus where they began. For example, if you first met with a counselor located in the South campus Education Planning and Counseling Center, you must complete any follow-up sessions with that counselor.

You will have three weeks from the end of your first term of appeal to meet with your PFE coach. If you miss this deadline, you will be required to wait until two weeks after the beginning of your next term of enrollment to complete this requirement.