Honors Scholarship App

It is now time for Honors Program students who would like to apply for a scholarship to begin the process.  You must be in the Honors Program to apply for a scholarship.  If you are not currently in the program go to our on-line application http://www.sanjac.edu/form/honors-program-admission-application-0 and submit the application. 

Honors students must complete the scholarship application by August 1st, 2014. Completed applications will include: the scholarship application, the essay, and a copy of your academic transcript. 

 If you have any questions contact the honors office at 281-929-4614 or email Ms. Janna Barton at janna.barton@sjcd.edu.

Good luck!

For more information contact:

Dr. Eddie Weller 
281-998-6150, ext. 3505

How to Apply

Steps to apply for the Honors Program Scholarship: 

  1. Fill out the application.  Click on the following link: Honors Scholarship Application
  2. You will be asked to write a one to three page essay answering 1 of the 3 prompt questions. This must accompany your application.
  3. Submit your academic transcript along with your application. 


email: janna.barton@sjcd.edu


fax: (281) 929-4615