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Ask San Jac

How do I get remote access?
audio visual equipment, Remote Access, Technical Support/ITS, Teleconferencing
How can I make a payment?
fees, fees schedule, Making a Payment, Methods of Payment, paying, Payment, tuition
Where can I make a payment?
american express, Campus Business Office, campus services, credit cards, debit, debit card, enrollment services, Making a Payment, master card, visa
When is payment due?
Making a Payment, Payment Deadlines, Schedule, Tuition & Fees
What happens if I’m late on payments?
Delinquent Accounts, Late Payments, Making a Payment
If I have grade/grades that are not showing on my final transcript. How can I get the grade/grades added to my record?
Academic Advising, final grade, professor, transcript
What is the schedule for dropping courses?
add and drop, Drop a Course, Dropping Courses, Making a Payment, Refund, Schedule, Tuition & Fees
What is the difference between in District and out of District Tuition?
District Tuition, eligibility requirements, Enrollment, Out of District Tuition, transfer, Tuition & Fees
How much does it cost to attend SJC?
Costs, District Tuition, make a payment, Out of District Tuition, Refund, residency status, Schedule, Tuition & Fees
How many hours do I need to enroll to be a full-time student?
District Tuition, Enroll, enrollment services, Full-time Student, Hours, trancripts, transcript evaluation, Tuition & Fees
How many hours do I need to enroll to be a part-time student?
District Tuition, Enrollment, Hours, Part-time Student, transcript evaluation, Tuition & Fees
Can I attend SJC if I am an international student?
eligibility requirements, international students, Out of District Tuition, transcripts, transfer, visa
What is Financial Aid?
department of education, eligibility requirements, Financial Aid, financial aid office, Financial Assistance, grants, job opportunities, loans, pell grant, veterans
Who are the Financial Aid Advisors?
Advisors, Central Financial Aid, contact, contact Financial Aid, Counselors, Financial Aid, Financial Aid Questions, Information about Financial Aid, North Financial Aid, South Financial Aid
What are the requirements for enrolling at SJC?
accept, apply, Applying, attending class, diploma, Enroll, enrolling, Enrollment, first steps, GED, requirments, transfer
When is my application due by?
application, application deadline, application due date, apply, deadline, due date, register, registration
What documents do I need to turn in with my application?
application, apply, documents, evaluation, forms, GED, register, transcripts
What is SJC's course drop policy?
course, courses, drop policy, dropping a class, dropping a course, policy
Where can I get my transcript evaluated?
evaluate transcripts, evaluated, evaluation, transcript, transcript evaluation, transcripts
How do I request a transcript?
Enrollment, enrollment offices, enrollment services, request transcripts, Transcript, Transcript Request, transcripts
Can I transfer my courses to a four-year university?
Counselors, tranfer a course, tranfer to a university, tranferring courses, transfer to a university, transferring, transfers
What universities can I transfer my courses to?
classes, course, courses, degree plan, tranfer, transfer programs, transferring, transferring classes, Universities
What is an Associate of Arts Degree?
associate of arts, certificates, Degrees, types of certificates, types of degress
What is an Applied Science Degree?
Applied Science, certificates, Degrees, types of certificates, types of degrees
At what location can I withdraw money from my Higher One card?
atm, card, Higher One Card, profile, Refund
Where is the Financial Aid office located?
FAFSA, federal, Financial Aid, GI Bill, grants, loan, loans, montgomery, pay, paying, scholorships, stafford, subsitize
How do I qualify for Financial Aid?
department of education, FAFSA, Financial Aid, Financial Aid requirements, Full-time Student, GED, high school diploma, Part-time Student
Where can I fill out a FAFSA Application?
department of education, FAFSA, fafsa pin, Financial Aid, Financial Aid Advisor, financial aid forms, financial aid office
What are the academic requirements for receiving Financial aid?
department of education, FAFSA, fafsa pin, Financial Aid, Full-time Student, Part-time Student, requirements
What is the cost of applying for financial aid?
cost, department of education, FAFSA, fafsa pin, Financial Aid, students, Tuition & Fees