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Tech Support Hours of Operation
audio visual equipment, Remote Access, Tech Support, Tech Support Online, Technical Support/ITS, Teleconferencing
Tech Support Online
audio visual equipment, Computer Help, Computer Support, Login Help, Remote Access, Tech Support, Tech Support Online, Technical Support/ITS, Teleconferencing
What are the bus routes?
bus, bus, buses, route, routes, routes, transport, transportation
Can I choose to have my refund sent electronically to any bank for free?
activation, Direct Deposit, Higher One Card, Refund
Who will be able to assist me if there is a problem?
Campus Business Office, customer service, Higher One Card
Can I take classes only on the weekends?
Other Learning Options, weekend classes, weekend courses, weekends
I never received my card, what do I do
card, Higher One Card
I have forgotten my G#, where can I request a new one from?
#, forgot, forgot, forgotten, G, G, G #, G#, gnumber, missing, new, new G#, number, request
Do I need a G# to apply to SJC?
#, apply, G, G#, get, GNumber, number, obtain, register
Do I need a G# to register for classes?
#, choose classes, G, G#, number, register, requirements, select classes, SOS
When do I use my G#?
#, G, G#, number, register, when
What is a G# used for?
#, about, Enrollment, G, G#, GNumber, number, register, SOS
Where can I get my G# from?
adminssions, Enrollment, G, G#, get a G#, GNumber, number, obtain a g#, sign up
How can I get a G#?
#, adminssion, G, G#, get a g #, GNumber, register, sign up, SOS
What information do I need to register for classes?
how to, information, register, register for classes, register for courses, requirements, requirements to register
How can I register for classes?
online registration, register, register for classes, register for courses, Registeration, sign up, sign up for classes, SOS
When do weekend classes start?
calendar, classes, Other Learning Options, start, start date, weekend, weekend classes, Weekend college, weekend courses
How do I register for weekend classes?
Other Learning Options, register, sign up, weekend, weekend classes, weekend coursees
I chose ACH/Direct Deposit but was unable to print my form to mail, how can I get back to that screen?
card, Higher One Card, new ach form, profile, Refund
I’ve forgotten my Higher One password, how do I reset it?
card, Higher One Card, reset, trouble logging in
Is activation easy? Is it clear how to choose the option I want?
checking accounts, Direct Deposit, Higher One Card
If I choose not to activate the OneAccount, do I need to keep the San JacCard?
access, Higher One Card, log in, One Account, security code
Do I have to activate a refund option if I do not anticipate receiving a refund?
Financial Aid, Higher One Card, Refund, Tuition & Fees
Do I have to activate the card that was mailed to me?
Activate, Direct Deposit, Higher One Card, One Account
Why did SJC choose to partner with Higher One?
banking institutions, checking accounts, Higher One Card, refunds
There are three classes of actions that may result in a charge
I thought the OneAccount was free, but now I have been charged fees! What happened to free?
atm, free, Higher One Card, spending money, statement, withdrawing money
I moved, how do I update my address or verify the address my Higher One card was mailed to?
address, email, Higher One Card, profile
How can I find out where my money is?
Higher One Card, password, refunds, status
Can I change my refund preference?
Financial Refunds, Higher One Card, Refund Preference