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Ask San Jac

How do I obtain an SOS Login?
Enrollment, register, SOS, SOS Login
How can I enroll in the MECA Program?
Academy, apply, Dual Credit, dual credit program, Early College, Enroll, Enrollment, MECA, MECA, MECA Program, Modified, Modified Early College Academy, Modified Early College Academy
What are distance learning classes?
about, distance learning, information, non-classroom, online courses
Where are off campus learning centers located?
address, Aerospace Academy, extension centers, learning centers, locations, off campus, off campus learning centers, Other Learning Options, Resource and Training centers
How do I register for Summer & Mini sessions?
Mini Semesters, mini sessions, Other Learning Options, register, summer school, summer sessions
What is the THEA test?
requirements, test, Testing, tests, THEA
What is the ACT test?
ACT, information, requirements, test, Testing, tests
What is the CLEP test?
Clep, information, requirements, test, Testing, tests
What is Blackboard?
Blackboard, communication, email, online courses
How can I access Blackboard?
access, Blackboard, Commnunications, log in, sign in
Where can I find my login information for Blackboard?
Blackboard, communication, g number, information, log in, sign in
Who do I contact for assistance with Blackboard?
assistance, Blackboard, Commnunication, contact, help, more information, problems, questions
Are there facilities available for students with disabilities?
campus safety, disabilites office, Disabilities, facilities, information
Who can I contact for disabilities information?
campus safety, contact, disabilites office, Disabilities, facilities, information, office
What tests do I need to take to enroll at SJC?
accept, ACT, Admissions, COMPASS, Enroll, enrolling, SAT, TAKS, test, THEA
What is the TSI test?
information, requirements, retesting, Testing, TSI
What is the COMPASS test?
ACT, COMPASS, information, placement test, requirements, SAT, TAKS, test, Testing, tests, TSI
How do I troubleshoot my smartphone?
Blackberry, reboot, Smartphone, Technical Support/ITS, Troubleshoot
How do I connect my smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry and other) to the College’s e-mail system?
Blackberry, Connect, E-mail, iPhone, Smartphone, Technical Support/ITS
How do I use video and teleconferencing equipment?
.5 Classroom, audio visual equipment, Technical Support/ITS, Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing
When do I need to apply for graduation?
application for degree, degree evaluation, final graduation verification, graduation
What are Continuing Education classes?
certificate, Continuing education, learning options, non-degreed, personal enrichment
Can I attend SJC if I am an international student?
eligibility requirements, international students, Out of District Tuition, transcripts, transfer, visa
What do I need to turn in if I am an international student?
eligibility requirements, Enrollment, international students, transcipts, transcripts, transfer
What test may I take to prove English Language Proficiency?
eligibility requirements, esol, foreign students, international students, toefl
Do I need to have my foreign credentials evaluated?
credits, degree evaluation, Financial Aid Advisor, financial aid office, Financial Aid requirements, transcripts
How much financial support a year will I need as an F1 visa student to attend SJC?
District Tuition, financial aid office, Financial Aid requirements, Tuition & Fees
How much will I have to pay for classes as an F1 student?
District Tuition, Financial Aid, Financial Aid requirements, Full-time Student, san jacinto programs, Tuition & Fees
How do I use a .5 classroom?
.5 Classroom, audio visual equipment, Technical Support/ITS
How do I avoid spam?
Avoid Spam, email, internet, Technical Support/ITS, unsubscribe