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Do you find yourself moving to music?  Toe-tapping regularly? Immersed in rhythm? You believe dance is your passion, but have you ever imagined your talent could become a career?

Take a serious approach to this artful pursuit with a degree in dance from San Jacinto College. You’ll have all you need to succeed – experienced and qualified instructors, talented guest artists, world-class studio and theatre facilities, and ample opportunity to perform and create.

You’ll develop the expressive and technical sides of the art form and unleash your choreographic creativity.

Upon graduation you can study dance at a four-year program or step into the industry immediately. Our grads become performers, choreographers, teachers, wellness instructors and more. With proper education and training, you’ll thrive knowing you’re making a living doing what you love.

The Dance Program at San Jacinto College South

This program offers technique classes in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz that meet four days a week (Monday- Thursday). Our technique classes are designed for people with previous dance experience such as our dance majors earning their A.A. in Fine Arts (Dance), but they do not require an audition to enroll. These classes are fun and challenging!

If you are interested in learning more about how to create choreography and have your work performed, you can enroll in our Dance Composition course. You create dances for yourself and classmates in any style of dance through a series of exercises to help you find inspiration. The class culminates in an informal performance of the student’s works in progress from the class. The Informal Show is a fun evening!

Every Spring, our program participates in the American College Dance Festival. We travel for a week to a host school to take classes, see performances, and show work to professional adjudicators for feedback. The trip is always a highlight of our students’ year! We also offer great scholarship opportunities for students taking two or more dance classes. Students can apply to be considered for a scholarship every semester.

We also offer a Dance Appreciation lecture course that fulfills the general studies requirement. This lecture based class takes you through the history of various dance forms from past to present. Come dance with us!


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