Offerings & Sign Ups




You MUST be a current San Jac student/employee in order to participate in Rec Sports!

Students/employees must bring their SJC ID to all events or they will not be permitted to participate.



OPEN GYM BASKETBALL (fall semester)

Every Tuesday & Thursday

Tuesdays hours: 1-4pm in the Aux Gym #117

Thursdays hours: 1-4pm in the Aux Gym #117

San Jac ID required for participation in Open Gym.








All Sign Up's open August 2015




Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer will be played every Monday from 4-7 pm in the Central campus Aux Gym #117.

The first day of play will be Monday,at 4 pm.


 Registration closes



Punt, Pass, Kick contest

 outside the student center.

No sign up needed, just come ready to participate!


4 on 4 Flag football

Flag football will be every Wednesday at 3 pm on the Central campus track field.

The first day of play is Wednesday,   at 3 pm.


Registration closes



Volleyball will be played Mondays from 2-4 pm. Play will be in the Central Campus Aux Gym, #117.

Play will begin Monday, at 2:00 pm.


Registration closes



Softball will be played Thursdays from 1-3pm. Play will be at the Central Campus Rec Sports Fields (between golf course and tennis courts)

Play will begin Thursday, at 1:00 pm.


Registration closes


Outdoor Soccer

Outdoor soccer will be played every Wednesday at 3 pm.  Play will be held at the Central Campus Track Stadium Field.

The first day of play will be Wednesday at 3 pm.


 Registration closes





G.C.I.C. Sports Day - Friday, OCT 23 (invitation only, requires participation in rec sports program)






Play takes place in the Aux Gym #117.

Prizes and other goodies will be given out.



Special events

Pool, table tennis, and X-box 360 tournaments in the Game Room (located in the student center)

Wii Tournaments

Punt, pass, kick contests

Golf Expo

CGA Golf Tournaments

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Toys for Tots

March of Dimes with H-E-B

Souper Bowl of Caring with H-E-B