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Starting a Club

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New Student Organizations

Students or faculty/staff who are interested in starting a new student organization are encouraged to stop by the Office of Student Engagement & Activities to discuss your proposal; you may find that your interest was previously an active organization. As a result, all you will have to do is reactivate the organization. If your interest has not previously been an active organization, the following guidelines apply to create a new organization:

  • A minimum of five currently enrolled students who desire membership

  • Complete a new club request form

  • Turn in the application with a constitution or a statement of purpose consistent with the aims of the college, the criteria for membership, and the names, addresses and phone numbers of its officers and/or members

  • Organizations are required to have faculty/staff advisor(s). If students have difficulty finding an advisor, the Coordinator of Student Engagement & Activities will assist in selecting one. The name and office number of the organization’s advisor(s) is to be submitted with the application.

  • New organizations are required to submit a constitution to the Coordinator of Student Life within sixty days of completing the registration process. The Coordinator of Student Engagement & Activities has final approval of all constitutions. Complete a club constitution.  

  • A sample constitution can be found HERE.

  • The Coordinator of Student Engagement & Activities and the Dean of Student Development will confirm or deny registration within thirty days of receiving the completed registration documents. The organization and the Office of Student Engagement & Activities keep copies of the approved applications as verification of official registration.


2016-2017  Student Organization Guide (printable PDF)

Advisor Manual (printable PDF)