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Starting a Club

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New Student Organizations

Students or faculty/staff who are interested in starting a new student organization are encouraged to stop by the Office of Student Life to discuss your proposal; you may find that your interest was previously an active organization. As a result, all you will have to do is reactivate the organization. If your interest has not previously been an active organization, the following guidelines apply to create a new organization:

  • A minimum of five currently enrolled students who desire membership

  • Complete a new club request form

  • Turn in the application with a constitution or a statement of purpose consistent with the aims of the college, the criteria for membership, and the names, addresses and phone numbers of its officers and/or members

  • Organizations are required to have faculty/staff advisor(s). If students have difficulty finding an advisor, the Coordinator of Student Life will assist in selecting one. The name and office number of the organization’s advisor(s) is to be submitted with the application.

  • New organizations are required to submit a constitution to the Coordinator of Student Life within sixty days of completing the registration process. The Coordinator of Student Life has final approval of all constitutions. Complete a club constitution.  A sample constitution can be found HERE.

  • The Coordinator of Student Life and the Dean of Student Development will confirm or deny registration within thirty days of receiving the completed registration documents. The organization and the Office of Student Life keep copies of the approved applications as verification of official registration.


2016-2017  Student Organization Guide (printable PDF)

Advisor Manual (printable PDF)