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Welcome to Optimal 2.0, an award-winning career management platform. Inside, you'll find a variety of tools to help you create, present, manage and share your professional credentials.

San Jacinto College is committed to your complete success, and that means helping you take the next step, beyond the coursework and into the working world. That’s where our career centers can help.

We offer a variety of services. We’ll run a career assessment for you if you’re not sure about your major. You can access our on-line database to search for full time, part time and seasonal employment. We regularly hold workshops for things like resume writing and interviewing. We post Federal Work-Study positions just for students, and host Career Expos, discovery days, and employer panels every year. If you need business attire you can even talk to us about that.

We invite undergrads, alumni, and continuing education students alike to take advantage of our services. Just contact the center on your campus to find out more about all the ways we can help.

Find the right career path

FOCUS 2 is a self-paced career guidance tool designed to help you select the right major, clarify your career goals, and provide you with valuable occupation information.   Please enter "career" as your access code.


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North Campus
Dinorah Ramos
Program Coordinator
281-998-6150 x 7656
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Central Campus
Antonette Lerch
Program Coordinator
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South Campus
Deborah Smith
Program Coordinator
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