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Begin a Rewarding Career in Science

Chemicals are the building blocks of our existence. Every object in the world, living and inanimate, consists of a set of chemical compounds, which is why chemistry is at the root of so many industries and professions. San Jacinto College can help you get started down a road full of opportunities with our associate’s degree program.


Open the Door to Many Opportunities

Study chemistry at San Jacinto College and you will be well prepared to enter any number of four-year degree programs such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, energy, forensics, environmental fields, health and safety, and pharmacy. Our degree also allows you to directly enter the workforce directly in several areas including research and development, testing, consulting, teaching and quality control. You decide what you want to do, and we will make sure you have the tools to accomplish it.

An Associate of Science Degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year or upper-level college or university. In the educational program part of the course catalog, there are five options to select from:

  • 2LIFESCI Life Science (Biology)
  • 2PHYSCI Physical Science (Chemistry, Geology, Physics) for Chemistry Majors
  • 2COSCI Computer Science
  • 2MATH Math
  • 2ENGINEER Engineering Science

In general, you must complete the required transfer core curriculum (or "basics") 42 student credit hours (SCH), the institutional option 6 SCH, and the transfer path 12 SCH to achieve the degree. The transfer path 12 SCH will depend on the option chosen above. They are listed in the course catalog.

Physical Sciences A.S. Degree Program Outcomes

1. Upon completion of the Physical Science A.S. Degree, graduates will be able to utilize scientific inquiry to investigate natural phenomena in the physical sciences.

2. Upon completion of the Physical Science A.S. Degree, graduates will be able to apply principals of geology, chemistry or physics to interpret the implications of real-world physical science phenomena.  

For more information please look up Physical Science AS here.

The College has a lot of activities to support science students. We have a speaker series that brings professionals from various industries to our students and informs them of what they can do with their science degrees. We also provide science service learning to our students, which is a community outreach program targeted at younger children to help expose them to the world of science. For more updates, visit the STEM council page or look up "physical science san jac" on Facebook.


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