International Business, Logistics & Maritime

International Business, Logistics & Maritime

International Business, Logistics & Maritime

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Join the Global Economy

International trade is how tens of thousands of companies function, from huge corporations to small shops. Food, clothing, vehicles, furniture, electronics – almost every aspect of our lives is touched by goods produced in another country. You can become a vital link in this chain of commerce with a degree from San Jacinto College.


Enter a Field Full of Opportunities

Our certificate and associate’s degree programs teach you the complexities of successfully operating in the international trade community. You may decide to become an importer-exporter or enter the fastchanging world of wholesale and retail buying. You could become an administrative sales manager, sales supervisor, purchasing agent, transportation supervisor or wholesale representative. Get your education here and the global economy will be open for business.

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Get the Certifications You Need to Get Ahead

The International Business, Maritime & Logistics Program in conjunction with the TAACCCT LINCS Grant is pleased to announce the addition of six nationally recognized certifications embedded into specific courses within the program. Students enrolled or enrolling in the following San Jacinto College courses: IBUS 1354, IBUS 1300, LMGT 1325, LMGT 1345, LMGT 1321 and IBUS 1341 will be eligible to sit for the corresponding national certification exams sponsored by the Council of Supply Chain Management. This enhancement to the current course of study allows students who complete the certification exams to inform employers and place the certifications on their resume. Understanding employers want specific competencies, these certifications are intended to place those who have gone through the programing ahead of the competition, allowing them to more competitively demand higher hourly/annual compensation. For those currently unemployed or underemployed, the certifications are offered to assist them in landing a new job in supply chain and/or logistics. The certifications to be awarded are: Customer Service & Order Fulfillment, Supply Chain Operations, Warehouse Operations, Transportation Operations, Inventory Management, and Procurement.


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