Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care

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Help Others Breathe Easy

Most people in the world do not notice breathing. We take it for granted, yet there are countless people, from newborn infants to the elderly, who cannot breathe easily. Those who suffer from cardiopulmonary problems such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, cardiac failure and cystic fibrosis need quality respiratory care.


Get a Job That’s In High-Demand

Our certificate and continuing education programs will teach you every facet of respiratory care. Here you will learn to administer therapeutic medications, provide chest therapy and mechanical ventilation, perform pulmonary function testing, arterial blood gas analysis, and hemodynamic monitoring. The demand for respiratory therapists is at an all-time high. Hospitals, respiratory care clinics, nursing homes, home health agencies and respiratory equipment suppliers all will be competing for your services.


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