About Us


Our Vision

A community enriched by a robust and diverse Aerospace and STEM workforce

Our Mission

To provide innovative Aerospace and STEM education, activites, resources and opportunities through collaborative partnerships.

The Aerospace Academy's Goals:

  1. Build outreach services and marketing efforts to increase Aerospace & STEM career awareness
  2. Increase AA funding resources seeking to bridge gaps between education and industry for student success
  3. Develop STEM programs to increase the STEM pipeline and student diversity (K-16)
  4. Explore and develop new workforce programs and seek to enhance partnerships with existing SJ programs

Student STEM Programs

The Aerospace Academy provides STEM-based educational experiences for students enrolled in P-20 educational organizations. The primary objectives are to cultivate interest and engagement for participation and retention of historically underserved and underrepresented K-12 youth in STEM careers, thereby enhancing the pipeline of highly-skilled, technical workers which are critical for the jobs of the future. Students are recruited locally, state-wide or nationally depending on the specific opportunity. Examples of student STEM programs include:

  • Summer and holiday experiential learning camps
  • Scholarships for community college students--Check out our scholarship information HERE!
  • Internships/Mentors for community college students
  • NASA-JSC Aerospace Scholars Program (high school and community college students)
  • Afterschool and weekend workshops/laboratories--COMING SOON!

Educator Professional Development and Parent Workshops

The Aerospace Academy recognizes that producing a highly-skilled, high-technology workforce for the future will require a qualified educator community. Because students' career decisions are shaped both inside and outside the formal classroom, the Aerospace Academy sees both formal and informal educators as critical partners in filling the STEM pipeline. Programs have been developed for both teachers and parents to assist students of all ages. These trainings provide cutting edge methods and technologies for teaching these STEM subjects and providing valuable field experiences. These workshops utilize technology, including online-learning and podcasts to assist educators across a wider geographical area.

Independant School Districts within the San Jacinto College district include: Deer Park, LaPorte, Pasadena, Galena Park, Channelview, and Sheldon. Early Colleges in partnership with San Jacinto College include: Pasadena Early College, Sheldon Early College, and Clear Horizons Early College.

Industry Training and Support

Since its creation, the Aerospace Academy has developed close ties with the aerospace industry community in the Texas Gulf Coast region serving more than 5,500 employees from approximately 60 companies. The Aerospace Academy, housed on site at NASA-Johnson Space Center, is uniquely positioned to gauge the ever-changing needs of the aerospace industry and respond accordingly with customized programs. It has facilitated numerous professional development training programs to assist aerospace company employees with upgrading their skills. 

The Aerospace Academy also collaborates with Aerospace, other STEM-related businesses, NASA, Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership, Greater Houston Partnership, and the Houston Space Center in supporting and developing new programs for students and teachers. The Aerospace Academy looks to these businesses to provide guest speakers, field trip opportunities, mentorships, internships, scholarships and assistance in STEM competitions.


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