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Mid-Level Management Certificate Program

Operational and strategic leaders face a complex array of responsibilities.  Operational (or mid-level) leaders turn senior leaders’ vision for the organization into reality, and may someday ascend to the executive ranks. If they do, transitioning into the senior ranks means wrestling with significant changes in the political network, job complexity, time horizons and human dynamics of the work environment, any of which have the potential to cause tremendous stress.   And once in an executive role, it often takes years to master it and perfect one’s leadership style.

San Jacinto College has established a program designed to give operational (or mid-level) leaders the keys to driving business performance by taking a pipeline approach to development.  This program provides proven-in-action techniques that enable mid-level leaders to meet their mandate and ultimately drive the success of their organization.  The Mid-Level Management Certificate Program includes courses for mid-level and senior leaders.  At each level, these solutions increase the leader's capacity to meet business needs.


Mid-level leaders through senior leaders




To qualify for this certificate, complete at four workshops.


  • Drive performance in a changing world
  • Manage horizontal integration in a complex organization
  • Lead and develop talent
  • Make tough decisions

COURSES: Click on Title for course Information
Developing Organizational Talent  
Cultivating Networks and Partnerships  
Driving Innovation  
Translating Strategy Into Results  


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