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Public Information Officer and Joint Information Center Training

Classroom Training   Tuition is $300 for all four modules

The 2-day course is recommended for all Incident Commanders, Public Information Officers, Joint Information Center staff, and Media Spokespersons for any local, state, federal agencies, schools, hospitals, private sector industry and non-governmental organizations who would work together to respond to any emergency under the National Incident Management System (NIMS). 


The class will be taught by NIMS-certified Instructors Chuck Wolf and Bob Gresser from Media Consultants, a Houston-based crisis communications firm.  Chuck and Bob have served as Public Information Officers and JIC specialists during the BP oil spill, Hurricane Katrina, and multiple EPA/USCG/LEPC exercises for over 20 years.  Both have more than 40 years of combined broadcast news experience at KIKK, KTRH, and CNN Radio.  Visit:


For details how to register by telephone, fax, email, web or in person, visit the San Jac website at:

Course Outline

The 2-day PIO/JIC course is divided into 4 modules:

Module #1:  NIMS IS-702.a (Public Information Systems) Learn the PIO’s responsibilities under Incident or Unified Command and how the PIO must establish a Joint Information System (JIS) under NIMS; just updated by FEMA in June 2010, this course must be completed by all PIOs under NIMS 5-Year Training Plan.

Module #2:  Basic PIO Skills How should a PIO communicate with the media and public?  Define your key messages, write a news release or EAS Warning, discover traditional and social media tools, learn how to conduct telephone and in-person interviews, and handle tough reporter questions. 

Module #3:  National Response Team Joint Information Center Model. Just updated in January 2010, this new national JIC model can expand to fit any size and type of emergency; you’ll get org charts, job descriptions, sample forms and checklists to set up, equip, and operate a JIC with local, state, federal, and other Response Partners. 

Module #4:  JIC Tabletop Exercise . Students who attend the NRT JIC Model training will be assigned PIO and JIC roles, then explain how they’d set up a physical or virtual JIC to deal with a emergency response incident and communicate with the media and public during this Tabletop Exercise.  


No previous PIO or JIC experience is required.  Completion of IS-700.a (NIMS Introduction) is recommended but not required.  Visit:

Final Exam: After completing the NIMS IS-702.a training, each student will need to pass an online Final Exam in order to receive NIMS certification.  The certificate will be e-mailed to each student by FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute.  Students who complete all 4 modules will receive a Media Consultants “Certificate of Training” for this 16-hour NIMS-compatible PIO/JIC course.