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DOL H1-B Gulf Coast Ready to Work Petrochem Grant

Computer Classes Available on this grant include:

SAP Material Management

SAP Materials Management (MM) course introduces students to the most common end user functions in SAP's MM module. This course is ideal for those who are looking for opportunities with SAP's logistics applications. The course will teach hands-on SAP transactions and real-life SAP business processes. At the end of the training, the student will be able to work with a complete procurement life-cycle process, they will be able to manage master data, create requisitions for materials, convert requests into Purchase Orders, receive goods in inventory, issue goods and handle returns. Materials management is also responsible for valuation of the products and inventory movement and tracking.

SAP Supply Chain Management

Prerequisite:  SAP MM                                                                                      

SCM, Supply Chain Management, helps manage flow of material, information and capital planning. SCM is divided into 2 key areas:

1. Planning (APO)

APO - Advanced Planning and Optimization - is the heart of SCM and it takes care of planning & optimizing different business  processes namely

  • DP - Demand Planning
  • SNP - Supply Network Planning
  • PPDS - Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
  • GATP - Global Available to Promise

2. Execution

Execution deals with procurement of raw materials and or products, manufacturing and finally order fulfillment - delivery to customers.

This training will help identify demand & requirement, planning, procurement of product, and delivery.