IT Management & Web Development


Learn the introductory topics needed to effectively use Microsoft Project software in home or business situations.   You will learn to create a new project plan, manage project tasks and resources. Finally you will learn to finalize a plan and set it as a baseline.

$245       CEUs 1.6     HRS: 16

Not scheduled at this time.


IMED 1002   Prerequisite:  Knowledge of Microsoft office Interfaces   Note:  Textbook required

SharePoint is Microsoft's web-based collaboration tool that allows users to share resources and create shared content.  In this course, you will set up a team site and customize its layout and features.  You will capture and organize content into libraries and lists and manage the data.  You will use blogs, wikis and workspaces to connect and collaborate.  You will learn to integrate the Microsoft Office applications into the site and learn to use workflows in business processes.

$550        CEUs 3.2    HRS: 32

Not scheduled for fall.


Prerequisite: Windows for the desktop or equivalent knowledge and Internet fundamentals  Note: Textbook

This course offers instruction in internet website design.  You will learn to format text and apply styles to text and to other elements of a site you will build.  You will use color background, images, and multimedia to enhance your site.  All of these skills will be presented in a manner consistent with good design techniques.  You will learn how to publish your site.

$285     CEUs 2.4    HRS: 24

Not scheduled at this time.