CNA 24 Hour Refresher

Certified Nurse Aide Refresher – Continuing Education
NURA 2000

This course will meet the DADS requirement for 24 Continuing Education hours. Topics will include DADS mandated course material, in addition to training in geriatrics and the care of residents with a dementia disorder, including Alzheimer's disease. Lectures will consist of updates on current state required topics, to include, but not limited to, care of the resident with dementia, body systems, safety, infection control, and basic patient care.

Also included will be hands-on practice on selected skills, such as vital signs, personal care, lifting heavy objects, and resident safety.

The 24-hour course will consist of 3 eight-hour sessions.  All class hours must be attended to complete this course.  Classes will be offered many times throughout the year.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be presented with a certificate that will meet the requirements of Department of Aging and Disability (DADS) for completion of the required 24 hour continuing education for Certified Nurse Aides.

Note: Course Materials Provided

COST: $ 240        CEU: 24                HRS: 24

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