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Electronic Charting Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)

Course Length: 32 hours
Price: $1,000

This 4-day course provides students with knowledge and skills necessary to fully utilize the features of ECDIS, which is a computer-based navigation information system capable of continuously determining a vessel's position in relation to land, charted objects, aids-to-navigation, and unseen hazards. This course includes installation and correction of electronic charts. A trainee successfully completing this course will be able to use ECDIS for his navigational watch. He will be able to operate ECDIS equipment, use the navigational functions of ECDIS, select and assess all relevant information and take proper action. The trainee will acquire and develop a knowledge and understanding of the basic principles governing the safe operation of ECDIS, including ECDIS data and their presentation, as well as the system-related limitations and potential dangers. The Student will be able to generate and maintain displays, to operate all basic navigational functions and all specific functions for route planning as well as route monitoring, to use and select proper navigational data and to display the data in the appropriate manner. He will also be able to perform updating. The Student will be able to analyze nautical alarms during route planning and route monitoring as well as sensor alarms. He will be able to assess the impact of the performance limits of sensors on the safe use of ECDIS and to appreciate that the back-up system is only of limited performance. He will be able to assess errors, inaccuracies and ambiguities caused by improper data management. Thus, he will be aware of errors in displayed data, errors of interpretation and the risk of over-reliance on ECDIS and be able to take proper action. In addition, he will have knowledge of the principal types of electronic chart and the essential legal aspects of the use of ECDIS.

Course Tools Required

A clear mind ready to learn and retain a large volume of information.
Paper and pencil for note taking
A scientific calculator
Plotting tools