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Visual Communications (Flashing Light)

Course Length: 8 hours
Price: $150

Students arriving for this class should know the Morse Code prior to arrival. The course will provide time to polish up reading capabilities with practice sessions that will enable the student to become familiar with MAMA equipment used in the test, and to gain an appreciation for the tempo of the testing as well as the recording requirements.

The program is designed to provide computer-based practice training with follow-on certification in Morse Code Signaling (including use of International Code of Signals). Practical in nature, the period of review and study consists of practice sessions during which the trainee improves his / her skill through repetition.

The examination is administered at the completion of the practice sessions. This course serves as an alternative to taking Flashing Light at the USCG. Flashing Light is required for all Able Seaman upgrading to Master 200 GRT or higher. Training software is available at (Blinking Light).

Any applicant who has successfully completed this Visual Communications (Flashing Light) (MIDATL-542) course will satisfy the practical signaling examination requirements (flashing light) of 46 CFR 11.401(h) if presented within one year of the completion of training; and will be considered to have successfully demonstrated the equivalent of assessment OICNW-4-1A from the National Assessment Guidelines for Table A-II/1 of the STCW Code.