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Welding - Introduction to the shielded metal arc welding process. Emphasis placed on power sources, electrode selection, oxy-fuel cutting, and various joint designs. Instruction provided on SMAW fillet welds in various positions.

Advanced Welding -advanced welding topics based on accepted welding codes. Training with various electrodes in shielded metal arc welding with open V-groove joints in all positions.

Pipefitting - This course provides an overview of the trade, hand and power tools and the proper and safe operation of machines used in pipe joint preparation: pipe threaders, power drives and pipe bevelers.

Electrical – Course introduces the student to the trade, including safe work practices, electrical components and calculations, voltage, current, and resistance, characteristics of series and parallel circuits and bending and installing conduit.

Core Curriculum-Intro to Craft Skills -Covers Basic Safety, Construction Math, Use of Hand and Power Tools, Read Construction Drawings, and Communication Skills*


* Core Curriculum Class required for all craft area courses


Nancy Martin
Training Coordinator-Texas Workforce Projects
San Jacinto College
Continuing and Professional Development


Course Schedule

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Core curriculum: Intro to Craft Skills 8/25/15 10/15/15 T R 6-10 pm 64 50504
NCCER Electrical Level I 8/25/15 12/17/15 M W 6-10  pm 80 90267
Intro to Welding SMAW 8/24/15 12/16/15 M W 6-10 pm 128 95756

Pipefitting I:  Intro to Pipe

8/24/15 12/21/15 T R 6-10pm 80 95757

All Courses located at:
San Jacinto College
Central Campus
8060 Spencer Hwy
Pasadena, TX 77505