Arts & Crafts

*Each class has a minimum required enrollment. Once that minimum is reached, the class is a “MAKE.” Find a class you like, encourage a friend to join you! Sometimes two or three people can make a difference between having a “Go” and having a course cancelled. Please register at least 7 days prior to class start date.*

Flower and Gifts Flyer

Bridal & Floral Seminar

This seminar is designed for individuals who truly enjoy beautiful wedding work and new ideas. We will cover bow making techniques, and corsage and boutonniere ideas for the wedding party. You will be able to create a beautiful bouquet. Come enjoy this wonderful learning adventure!

Gift Baskets

Presenting beautiful gift baskets are always a welcomed gift. They can be used for so many occasions! Come learn how to create themed gift baskets that suit any occasion. Holiday gifts, baby shower gifts, and fruit gifts. There are so many occasions to make someone happy with your very own creation.

Basic Home Centerpieces

Want to make your home even more beautiful? Add a special centerpiece, especially one you created yourself. This class teaches basic techniques to create centerpieces for your home.

Bow Making

Come join us and learn the techniques to create beautiful florist's bows. We will also learn the Dior bow and a variety of other bow making tips and ideas.

Corsages & Boutonnieres

Special flowers honoring special people! We will learn how to create corsages for the wedding party, baby shower, or a special honoree. This is one learning experience you will not want to miss!

*Ceramics I

An introduction to basic ceramic processes and an exploration of clay as an artistic medium. Includes mechanical (wheel-thrown) and hand-built techniques, and glazing and firing process.

*Design I

Emphasis upon two-dimensional design, including the fundamentals of line, color, form, texture, shape, space, and arrangement.

*Drawing I

A beginning course investigating a variety of media, techniques and subjects, exploring perceptual and descriptive possibilities with consideration of drawing as a developmental process, as well as an end in itself.

*Drawing II

Expansion of Drawing I, stressing the expressive and conceptual aspects of drawing, including the human figure within a spatial environment.

*Life Drawing I

Life Drawing is a studio course emphasizing structure and action of the human figure.

*Painting I

Exploring the potentials of painting media with emphasis on color and composition.

*Painting II

Continuation of Painting I with emphasis on individual expression.

*Sculpture I

This is an exploration of various sculptural approaches in a variety of media, including additive and subtractive techniques.

*Watercolor I

 Introduction to the basic techniques and materials of transparent and opaque watercolors.

*Arts Metals I

This is the basic course in the fabrication and design of jewelry and metal-smithing.

Prerequisites: ARTS 1312 and 1317 or approval from department


Linked courses are held in conjunction with academic ones, which allows more variety and a wider range of courses that are offered each semester.  Please refer to our course list for more information.

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