Upcoming Camps from SJCD Aerospace Academy!

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The Original - WATER-BOTS

Beginner - Intermediate - ADVANCED

Learn how to build, operate and plan an underwater robot. From design to completion - our Water-Bot classes are incredibly educational - and FUN!


Drone Drops

Do you know how to fly a drone? Want to try and fly OUR drone "NASA-style"? Experience the thrill and challenge of completing the ultimate Drone obstacle course....pssst....you will be timed and you will be filmed!!!


Space Girls

Discover the great leaders in our community who started out as little girls. What leadership quality in you most resembles them? How might you develop these leadership initiatives to pursue even greater goals!?


Arduino Network Team

Simple networking strategies for future space travel! Develop a relay between Earth and Mars and discover how very difficult it is for NASA when developing long-duration missions. 


Blast Off!

Participate and learn about NASA'S Flight Readiness Review. Build your rocket and present your findings to our team -




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