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Do I have to activate a BankMobile Vibe refund option if I do not anticipate receiving a refund?

Yes. It is important that you activate your account and select your refund selection immediately upon arrival, via the Web site listed in your Refund Selection Packet or in your email from BankMobile.

San Jacinto College students will receive a Refund Selection Packet in a bright green envelope in the mail during their first semester of enrollment, whether they are scheduled to receive financial aid or not. Keep all information pertaining to your BankMobile account throughout your entire duration with the College for future financial aid disbursements or credit refunds due to changes in enrollments.

If you did not receive your Refund Selection Packet or have lost your packet you can request an Instant Personal code at any campus Business Office with a Student ID.

Please be aware there is a $10 fee for a card that has been activated and it can be reordered by visiting

Business Office