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How can I find out why my course/courses did not transfer to San Jacinto College?

Upon request by the student, transfer course work will be evaluated to determine if course work completed at other institutions is equivalent to courses offered at San Jacinto College. San Jacinto College follows these policies for students who wish to transfer credit for courses taken at other colleges and universities:

1. College-level course work: All grades received on college-level course work will be transferred into the College. Courses completed with grades of A, B, C and D or P will be eligible for use toward graduation if consistent with program requirements. Transfer grades will not be included in the San Jacinto College GPA calculation.

2. College preparatory course work: Grades of A, B and C in college preparatory course work will be used at San Jacinto College for placement in college preparatory courses and skill levels decisions only. No college preparatory course will be eligible for use toward graduation. No college preparatory transfer grades will be included in the San Jacinto College GPA calculation.

3. Financial aid: All grades on all prior courses attempted, both college-level and college preparatory, will be included in the total hours attempted calculations for financial aid purposes.

4. The institution from which the student is attempting to transfer credit must be accredited.

You may contact the San Jacinto College Contact Center at 281-998-6150 for general questions.

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